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Laws To Empower Our Country 

February 14, 2017

Laws that will protect our country and citizens. Women Empower US will be working to get passed.

1. Child support issues , parents not showing up for court. if they don't show up the other parent can place a post in there local paper to locate them. If there is no repose in 30 days a warrant would be put out for arrest. So many times it's costing the child support agency and the other parent tons of money to try to locate the absent parent.

2. The other parent working under the table and cashing checks at local check cashing centers. We need a system in place that prevents the paying parent from taking their paychecks to local check cashing companies. There by skirting the system and not paying. This way they have to take it down to the child support Office for approval and they must pay what they owe to there child. This would help parents not having to be on welfare

3. If you are under child support agency they can pull up your assets banking and taxes to be sure your paying the right amount with out the other parent having to file. So many parents who have been threatened and abused are made to sign child support agreements that won't hold up! With this in place welfare won't be paying for the parents of children who can afford to pay for there children.

4. Rentals we need a agency that landlords must pay into if they are renting there houses a walk through on property prior to them renting out making sure of the property condition before renting and walk through after the tenants move out landlords are constantly taking Dept and never giving back by telling lies. Tenants not receiving there Dept causes tenants to go homeless and on welfare! The fee the landlords must pay this agency around $300-$500 if they don't do inspections and then it's illegal to rent and first fine of 1,500 second 5,000 this will stop the issues of landlords taken advantage of tenants and tenants destroying property if tenants destroy property they will be fined

5. Parent alienation must to become illegal to many bad divorces has ended where the one parent will turn children against the other parent. They will make false allegations costing our police and child services $1,000s if it's now found false in divorce conflict the parent who makes the false claims must pay court fees ranging from 1,500 to 5,000 and jail. Parent alienation is child abuse and if parents do so they must have to pay canceling for both the child and other parent and restitution to the child and to the other parent.

6. 1099 contractors in all fields need labor agency help no different than employees wrongful terminations result in employee not being able to be paid and making everyone struggle and unable to feed there families 1099 contractors can bring proof of the wrongful terminations and the owner will have to pay ether restitution or contract remainder price.

7. 1099 contractors can no longer be sexually harassed or abused by owners or bosses

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